Flyer on Serious Gaming for Revalidation - FeasyMotion

The Advanced ICT Platform for Rehabilitation (ICT4Rehab) Project is a 3 years strategic platform project funded by IWOIB.

The ICT4Rehab project addresses a new rehabilitation paradigm in the domain of muscle spasticity rehabilitation. It will require the integration of various data sources, the development of novel algorithms and putting into practice several ICT tools supporting 2D/3D user interaction. Two important aspects of clinical spasticity management will be combined:

A portable rehabilitation system with local intelligence providing patient feedback and ensuring clinical relevance of the physical activity will be developed. Fusion of clinical data acquired in controlled (hospital) conditions with data coming from the personalised system will be used

The project's main results will be the ICT4Rehab platform that will include the developed technology in several demonstrators (a Serious Gaming demonstrator and a Clinical Analysis demonstrator). Developments will be guided by the goals of generalising the methodology to other pathologies requiring motivational sustainability and clinical analysis, and to lead to a technological platform for future developments in diverse areas.

A flyer describing the project is available here.