Clinical and biomechanical standards and tools

Clinical data related to neurological disorders of the musculoskeletal system must be stored and handled using methods and conventions that are understandable by clinicians in the field in order to be clinically relevant and useful in clinical practice or exploitation of clinical data (for example, for sharing reports or statistical analysis).

The ICT4rehab project is using and developing terminologies, methods and tools based on the state-of-the-art in biomechanical literature.

For example, exploitation (i.e., processing) of the data available from the ICT4Rehab database uses visualisation and reporting methods that are fully compatible with current clinical practice. Terminology and semantic uses by the ICT4Rehab project is the same as in today Clinics. This is an important feature to ensure portability and reusability of the ICT4Rehab results.

Another example is found in the serious gaming activities of the ICT4Rehab project. The serious gaming field today is not based on clinical and biomechanical conventions. These shortages make the direct application of serious gaming for advanced rehabilitation schemes difficult. The ICT4Rehab project is focusing on integrating such clinical and biomechanical knowledge into the Serious Gaming field.

The use of clinical and biomechanical standards will increase the user acceptance of the ICT4Rehab developments by the clinical field.