Data mining technology

Data mining is a technology aiming at extracting relevant knowledge from large amounts of data. The technology is based on the use of advanced statistical analysis and machine learning techniques.

The technology of data mining has been rapidly developing in the last decade. It is an essential element for any corporation or institution dealing with important amounts of data, such as large businesses, governmental organizations, or defense agencies. The technology is supported by both licensed (SAS, SPSS, Matlab ) and open-source (R, Weka, Octave) software.

The application of data mining technology to medical data is currently particularly successful in the domain of bioinformatics, for the study and analysis of genomics data. However, its application to other types of medical data such as those provided by the ICT4Rehab project is new. In the ICT4Rehab context, data mining tools are expected to ease the visualisation of clinical data, the follow-up and comparison of patients, and to provide statistical tools to aid clinicians in their understanding of clinical data and refine their diagnosis.