To participate to the KIDOs study

In order to better detect locomotor disorders in young children, the ICT4Rehab project is currently running a large study with young healthy children (aged between 15 months and 3 years).

We are looking for parents who would agree to bring their children several times a year in order to perform an analysis of the walk pattern of their children.

By participating, you will help us to improve the diagnosis and follow-up of young patients suffering from locomotion disorders.

  • More information about the Kido’s study can be found here:
    • General information for parents <click here; pdf format>
    • More details about the data collection <click here; pdf format>


If you are interested into participating in the KIDOs study, please send a message to the ICT4Rehab coordinator (Prof. S. Van Sint Jan, email: who will contact you as soon as possible.