Rehabilitation by Serious Gaming

Rehabilitation of long-term locomotor disorders, such as the disorders met in Cerebral Palsy, often face problems due to a lack of motivation from the patients who are reluctant to continue their rehabilitation schemes. This decrease of motivation is clinically counterproductive and could even lead to a worsening of the patient condition.

A new trend in rehabilitation is to use games to motivate patients to perform some exercises (for example, using a Wii game). 

Unfortunately, most games available today have been developed for pure entertainment without considering any clinical requirements. These games are therefore not well-adapted for clinical rehabilitation.

The ICT4Rehab project is developing a game that will allow patients to perform rehabilitation schemes embedded in an attractive interactive interface. The same game will include clinical tools that will allow clinicians to be able to monitor their patients' performance (obviously these tools will be hidden from the patients that must keep the feeling that she/he is playing a game).

The data collected by the game will be stored in the ICT4Rehab database. These data can be used for producing clinical reports or for more advanced data analysis required for decision-making activities.