Rehabilitation by serious gaming

Rehabilitation is often not seen by patients as a motivating activity when it must be performed on a regular basis during a long period of time (for example, 3 or more times a week during several years).

Patients, especially young patients, might lose their interest for various personal reasons (e.g., feeling that their physical condition is not improving anymore, teenager identity issues, lack of variations in the rehabilitation schemes, etc).

This decrease of interest often leads to a decrease of rehabilitation activities or even quitting the rehabilitation scheme, while it is most important for the patient condition that rehabilitation is continued on a regular basis.

The ICT4Rehab project is developing a game that would allow patients to perform rehabilitation schemes embedded in an attractive interactive interface. Gamer’s performance will be tracked by the game software and will give clinicians information about the gamer/patient’s progresses.

Currently the ICT4Rehab game is under development, but the ICT4Rehab project is already looking to recruit patients to be volunteers to test the first version of the game that will be available next year (i.e., in 2012). Click here if you are interested in testing the new game when available.