What is serious gaming?

Strictly speaking “serious gaming” means using game technology for serious purposes, for example for Education or Physical Training.

Following this trend, the ICT4Rehab consortium is developing a game that will allow physically-impaired patients, mainly children and teenagers, to play a game that will include an attractive game scenario with embedded rehabilitation schemes that have been developed in collaboration with clinicians specialized in Cerebral Palsy.

The game will be played at home using conventional game hardware (such as Wii or Kinect) to allow patients to play/exercise at their own pace within their daily familiar environment (in their sleeping room or wherever they feel comfortable).

Currently the ICT4Rehab game is under development, but the ICT4Rehab project is already looking to recruit patients to be volunteers to test the first version of the game that will be available next year (i.e., in 2012). Click here if you are interested in testing the new game when available.